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We are delighted to announce that the Graduate Certificate for Collaborative Governance is back!

2017 Recipients of Collaborative Governance Certificates

Congratulations to four graduate students who were awarded their certificates in collaborative governance on May 13, 2017. 

Sarah K, Baille, MPA

Ryan Hautzinger, MPA

Congratulations to six graduate students who were awarded their certificates in collaborative governance on May 14, 2016. 

Ryan Gardner, MPA

Daniel Kebede, MPA

Chisato Miwa, independent 

Gabriel Moreno, independent

Lauren Parish, MPA

Sara Skiles, MPA

What People Are Saying

The introductory class on Collaborative Governance is the most engaging online class I've ever taken, and one of the most engaging classes I've taken period. As a PhD student in Leadership, I was hoping to expand my knowledge in cross-sector and collaborative leadership, and Arizona offers one of the few certificate programs with this focus. The readings were all interesting and relevant, and the discussion board discussions kept me engaged without being overwhelming.  I discovered new resources that I wasn't aware of before. I feel I've gotten tremendous value out of the program.                   ~ Kimberly Walker, Urban Institute

I worked in Montana for a small non-profit this summer and coincidently a lot of my work focused on collaborative governance, like thinking through the interests of the partners, and then using those interests to show the benefits of collaboration and how it can help amplify the work people are already doing. I also learned how to think through a collaborative framework, and think about this group in that framework to make sure they have a shared purpose, vision, and ability to act collectively toward a shared goal. It is about taking a variety of different cogs and aligning them just right so that they can make the clock they make up tick forward. I have written some further reflections in my blog    ~ Natalie Lucas, recent graduate of the program

P. Lynn Scarlett

The University of Arizona’s program in Collaborative Governance will enhance understanding of the structures, processes, and challenges of collaborative governance that are critical to 21st century efforts to sustain healthy environments, communities, and economies.    ~  P. Lynn Scarlett, Managing Director, Public Policy at The Nature Conservancy, former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior

What People Are Doing

Kimberley Jaeger, who received her Graduate Certificate in 2014, writes:  I’ve been working in program evaluation with LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc. for just over a year now, and collaborative projects come across our desk regularly. In the last quarter, about one in three nonprofits or governmental agencies that we partner with for evaluative purposes request support specifically with coalition building, cross-sector stakeholder recruitment, community needs assessments, treatment identification/program modeling, and impact measurement. Two of my projects of late have also included a GIS component for stakeholders to better visualize geographic areas of greatest need, which they will use to most effectively apply treatments and/or to raise community awareness about the issue they’ve identified. Read more...

The Friends of Redington Pass (FRP)

The Friends of Redington Pass (FRP) is a collaborative governance initiative in Tucson, Arizona working to bring a diverse range of stakeholders together to build a more inclusive future for Redington Pass. FRP completed a collaborative area management plan (CAMP) for Redington Pass in the winter of 2016, which is now under review by teh US. Forest Service. SGPP faculty and UA students in collaborative governance have helped design, convene and facilitate the public meetings and individual working group meetings since 2014. Learn more about this effort here.