Frequently Asked Questions

**** We are currently not accepting new applications for the Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Governance. Classes in collaborative governance, negotiation and conflict management are still available but the sequence of online courses is currently no longer supported.

Collaborative Governance

Are there any prerequisites for applying for admission into the Graduate Certificate for Collaborative Governance program?

  • Students must have a masters degree or equivalent experience (4 years of professional experience) to be admitted into this program. There are no prerequisites. Applicants must submit an official transcript and a resume with their application. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

How long does it take to complete the certificate?

  • The certificate program is structured for students to begin in the Fall semester and complete by the Summer (9 months). Currently the program is designed for one cohort per year, but depending on demand, another cohort may be added in the future.

What is the deadline for applications?

  • To apply for Fall admissions to the Certificate program, the online application should be submitted by August 1st of that year.  The admission process can take from two to eight weeks, depending on how quickly we receive official copies of the college transcripts.

Where can I apply if I am not a University of Arizona student?

  • You may apply online through the Graduate College. Once you have submitted your application to the Graduate College, you should send your official transcripts to: The School of Government and Public Policy / Social Sciences 315 / University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ  85721.  Once we have all of your materials, the Graduate College will do their final review and communicate your admission status to you through email.

Are classes offered on campus?

  • The three core courses are offered online. The skill based courses are taught in classroom or workshop format; on campus or at our downtown Tucson location. It is possible to complete the entire certificate online by choosing three online core courses and the online practicum (or independent study). Students are strongly encouraged to take skill-building courses to complete the full complement of needed training and to build direct relationships with your cohort and your instructors.

Can these certificate courses count toward fulfilling a graduate degree?

  • Yes, each course is equivalent to three credit hours of graduate school classes, and may be credited toward completion of a Masters in Public Administration or other graduate level program at the University of Arizona, or another university that will accept transfer units.

I already took some graduate courses at another institution. Can I transfer in any credit hours?

  • Up to three credits or one graduate level course may be substituted for one of these courses with the approval of the program director. Transfer units must have been taken within a 7 year period of your date of graduation from the University of Arizona.

Can current UA students take advantage of these courses or the program?

  • Currently enrolled UA graduate students can enroll in the individual courses offered for the Collaborative Governance Certificate program with permission of the instructor. If you choose later to apply for the certificate, these courses would count towards the 12 credit hour requirement. And you would receive credit for any previously completed elective courses qualifying towards the certificate.  To apply you will need to fill out an online application on the Grad App system, you will not be charged for adding the certificate to a current master's or PhD program.

How do I apply to the Certificate program as an MPA student?

  • There is a Collaborative Governance Concentration available for MPA students that requires a minimum of 9 credit hours (PA 620A, PA 622A, and a skills course).  Students who also wish to earn the Certificate must take an additional on line course, PA 624A–Collaborative Tools (online) to complete the 12 credit hour certificate requirement.
  • In some instances other courses may be substituted for PA 624A with the approval of the program director.
  • To be awarded the certificate, you must apply online at the Graduate College for admission to the certificate program. There is no charge for current graduate level students to add the certificate to a current program or need to resubmit original transcripts.

How do I register for the courses if I am a current student?

  • Please go to UAccess to enroll yourself. If you have trouble or you are unable to enroll, please contact: 

Alma Urbina

How will this affect my tuition rates as a current student?

  • For current UA students, you will only be charged your regular tuition rates up to the maximum amount depending on the number of units taken for each semester. All students can find more information about tuition using the Bursar's Office and the Tuition Calculator

Is financial assistance available?

  • There is no financial assistance available for the Certificate program only.

Can I register for every course offered in one semester?

  • It is not possible to complete the program in one semester, as the core courses are intended to be sequential and cumulative.  The Collaborative Governance program takes two semesters to complete.