Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Governance is designed for those who work in government, non-profit organizations or the corporate sector where cooperation with other institutions, jurisdictions, multiple stakeholders and/or the public at large is important. The certificate program prepares students to effectively participate in and manage collaboration across these boundaries in an increasingly networked world. Whether you are working in natural resource management, public health or social services, urban planning or economic development, training in collaborative governance can be particularly helpful when complex public problems require working outside your own organizational sphere. This certificate offers management concepts, skills and tools to enhance collaborative competence, performance and advancement.

The collaborative governance certificate program has been designed with working professionals in mind as well as busy graduate students completing their professional degrees. Three of the four required graduate courses are on-line and together provide grounding in the theory and practice of collaborative governance, relevant empirical research, how to design and manage collaborative systems, and exposure to a number of collaborative governance tools. The certificate can be earned in two semesters, starting in the fall. A required skills-based classroom course provides collaboration and conflict management training in workshop format to complete the instruction.