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Kirk Emerson's picture
Kirk Emerson
Professor of Practice
Email: kemerson@email.arizona.edu
Office: Social Sciences 306
Kirk Emerson, PhD is a Professor of Practice in Collaborative Governance. She is the director and lead faculty for the Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Governance program. She has had a longstanding career in collaborative management and environmental conflict resolution as a practitioner,...
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Hal Cardwell's picture
Hal Cardwell
Director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Conflict Resolution and Public Participation Center of Expertise, introduces students to collaborative decision support systems in the context of water resources management.
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Daniel Chang's picture
Daniel Chang
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Gretchen Gibbs's picture
Gretchen Gibbs
Professor of Practice, Office of Instruction/Assessment
Email: ggibbs@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-5936
Office: MP Integrated Learning Center (#70) 103G
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Andrea K. Gerlak's picture
Andrea K. Gerlak
Visiting Assistant Professor
Email: agerlak@u.arizona.edu
Director of Academic Development, International Studies Association, studies public policy, institutional theory, natural resource management, and transboundary water governance. Her research addresses conditions supporting collective action, the interface between science and policy, and...
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Dale Keyes's picture
Dale Keyes
Dale Keyes, previously Senior Program Manager for Transportation and Energy, at the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Morris K. Udall Foundation, presents a case analysis of an extensive five-year interstate, multi-party collaborative planning process.
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Carolyn Lukensmeyer's picture
Carolyn Lukensmeyer
Caroline Lukensmeyer, Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse in SGPP, and nationally recognized leader in deliberative democracy, shares her expertise in managing 21st Century Town Halls and participatory budgeting.
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H. Brinton Milward's picture
H. Brinton Milward
Email: milward@email.arizona.edu
Office: Social Science 317
SGPP director and internationally renown for his research on collaborative public service networks, provides an overview to the study of networks and collaboration within public networks.
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Lucy Moore's picture
Lucy Moore
An environmental mediator and author, brings her 30+ years of experience in working with cross-cultural conflicts in Indian Country to the classroom through our online interface.
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Rosemary O’Leary's picture
Rosemary O’Leary
Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor, Public Affairs & Administration, University of Kansas, introduces students to her research in collaborative leadership.
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Iris Patten's picture
Iris Patten
Assistant Professor of Practice
Office: Building: Richard P. Harvill Building (#76)
Program Director, Online Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems Technology in the School of Geography and Development, shares her experience and expertise on joint fact finding, collaborative GIS, and community visioning.
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Karen Siderelis's picture
Karen Siderelis
Research Scientist at the School of Natural Resources and the Environment and previously the Chief Geospatial Information Officer at the U.S. Department of the Interior, provides instruction on Mass Collaboration, including crowdsourcing.
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